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NOTICE; in case I, am being monitored, harmed and/or hacked, in any way etc. pls. note that you (who ever you are incl. secret services, cia, etc.), are also being monitored and 100% recorded incl. your thoughts and all actions by Elohim, and thus you will know on your so called judgement day (soon)

Please be patient (large data/ video page) will load in about 15 - 55 seconds !!

I, am not the first, nor the last to ever talk about these things ... but maybe the first (and currently only one) to present it, in such a unique way, with integrity (?) i.e. like a Musical Composer/ Artist/ Painter, can not change the nominated note(s) or basic color(s) - but very well uniquely create a-new, the style's, sound(s), melody combination & composition's ~ of the art/ painting ~ experiencing the bigger picture, thus; opening your mind, feelings & world perception (?) inspirational, elevating you to higher Human consciousness and WORLD PEACE & HUMAN FREEDOM, I, hope... 

"For thousands of year's those opposed to enlightenment and reform have effectively imprisoned our minds in straitjackets. These writings however are the Key's we can use to set ourselves free: Human society is afraid of what it does not know and so it is afraid of what lies behind this door – even if it is happiness gained through knowledge of the truth. Therefore it applies pressure to prevent people from partly opening this door because society itself prefers to remain in the state of misfortune and ignorance" ...

In every situation, we must always consider things in regards to four levels:
>>> in relation to infinity
>>> in relation to the Elohim (god/ allah/ our parents/ creators)
>>> in relation to Human Society
>>> and finally in relation to the individual

(Page 180-181 Intelligent Design Message from the Designers >>> read the Book)

This is my own unique, intellectual, intelligently integrated PRESENTATION; sharing my Mind/ *active FREE e-book with You & all People in the World: *active means; it is being edited by I , the editor-in-chief, according to further research/ information received, Human & Planetary happenings ! (if you have good, reliable, true, helpful, important, information, please do not hesitate to contact the editor-in-chief; (Sir-E) ! "In order to create intelligent solutions we must first identify the major problems, the root of the real cause and to ensure; not to ever fall for these frauds - or make the same mistakes again" !!! by I, (Sir-E)

for positive change Nine (9) fundamental things are needed:

1) >>> Imagination (imagination is more important than knowledge- Albert Einstein)
2) >>> Wisdom (positive, intelligent, integrated knowledge and universal understanding)
3) >>> Respect, that all Men & Women are created equal, in the image of their creator’s, after their likeness and all things are Global, we are all 1 !
4) >>> Sensuality, Femininity, Consciousness, Connectivity
(be in touch and harmony with all your senses, your surroundings on Planet Earth and connected to the Universe/ infinity)  
5) >>> Will
(to do good)
6) >>> Love
(give and receive)
7) >>> Science
(it reveals everything and should only be used to positively benefit all of humanity)
8) >>> Map/ Plan
(understanding the current situation/ location and knowing or imagining the destination
9) >>> Key’s
(to unlock all Gates along the Way to fully FREE humanity) by I, Sir-E.

"It's a fact, We live on a Planet with Polarity !! Where there is ignorance there is consciousness !! Where there is Darkness there is Light !! Where there is Bad there is Good !! Where there is Cold there is Warmth !! Where there is Stupidity there is intelligence !! Where there is Gravity, there is Anti-Gravity Where there is Evil there is Love !! Where there is Male there is Female !! where there is Night there is Day !! Where there is Wet there is Dry !! Where there is PUBLIC there is Private !! ~ Like in the symbol of Yin/Yang ~ in every bit of bad/ Negative there is a dot of good/ Positive and in each bit of good/ Positive there is a dot of bad/ Negative ~ YET ALL IS ONE & CYCLIC it only needs BALANCE & HARMONY !!

However currently the energy field on this Planet has been impaired; is for the most bad/ negative for a long time and yet, this we can change with higher levels of consciousness, science, intelligence and LOVE from the many increasing good people, to achieve a paradigm shift and create a true paradise on earth for all People !! Are you willing to help ? to achieve this ? and go positively beyond ... ?than I, urge you to due diligence, till you get to the essence & the bottom of this page !

How far fetched is this ? (food for thought)
Today we can synthesize Sound (Music/ Instrument Synthesizer) ! We can synthesize TV Images (Digital/ Movies) ! We can synthesize (Artificial) Food, Beverage & Flavor ! We can synthesize Matter (3D Printing) ! We can even synthesize the Brain (Computer) ! And finally since Dr. Craig Venter, we can synthesize (artificial) Life from scratch (create life in Laboratories after our own design on a molecular level) !!! So if we can do all this now... has it been done before ? Why ? and by Whom ? mhhh I, simply suggest you do your due diligence and pay attention during my presentation and you will find the Answers !
(*by I, Sir-E)

Let's begin my *active FREE e-book PRESENTATION step by step... beginning with the real global problems... down to the solutions... and beyond... (feedback/ question's are welcome)...

special selected Education Videos, Images & Quotes:

my advice; open your mind, go through from top to bottom and pick 1 video at a time ! If it's a longer video, make yourself comfy, relax, have yourself(s) a healthy video dinner and take notes !!

(We need men & women, who can dream... and ask why not & now ?)

Ever heard of the NEW WORLD ORDER ?

or the word "POLITICS" ?

my definition for P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S = P-rofessional O-rganised L-ies I-nternational T-actics I-ntelligent C-overup S-ystems

Let me rephrase Jack Nicholson's famous movie statement;

WHY (?) are You (we/ humanity) still treated like a Slave(s) ? >>>

The Story of Your Enslavement  

could there really be a conspiracy ?

How (?) and When (?) did this happen to You (?) WHY is Your Name written in all CAPITAL LETTERS on your Bank/ Credit Card, ID, Driver License, Passport, etc. instead of Upper-and-lower cases ????  >>>

Meet Your Strawman!

OKeyhhh, in some more fundamental evidence watch this ! It's pretty much the same in every Country you were so called "born" into >>>

 Slavery by Consent by Bushwackk

so WHO ? really (secretly) runs the entire world and WHY ? except the Speaker here has the Name to the particular Photo Image mixed-up ... yet the evidence and fact's remain the same !! I call them the SRS = Seceret Ruling Society >>>

13 Families Rule Our Planet Earth  

from the late and brave real HERO Aaron Russo disclosures >>>

Nicholas Rockefeller admitted the elite's goal is a 100% microchipped and enslaved World population

Would you like to become a complete ZOMBI ? Wake up before its to late !

The MicroChip Invasion, Spy Chips in your home.

over 30 Billion RFIDs made a Year

Did you know (?) the Majority of the Media & Press is totally owned & controlled by the illuminaty/ Elite, obviously telling you only what they think you need to know... and almost all of it is fearful/ negative information - subliminal messages- especially embedded since DIGITAL 

David Rockefeller Bilderberg Meeting Baden-Baden- Germany 1991

 This should be BASIC KNOWLEDGE/ taught everywhere. by a brilliant documentary movie from a Brilliant young conscious Man >>>


Remember this NASTY guy ? (there are some alive just like him !)

these same concepts are still in full operation's; first *they create the problems keep humanity deceived and in fear, than provide solutions, be aware it is the same group of power- people (*Elite) behind the scene, who have been doing this for decades !!

History Repeats itself, as the same concept are still used upon the people of today and tomorrow... unless.... 

STOP insanity ! Start with yourself >>>

The Myth of Authority (Video Contest Winner)

UPDATE: 14th April in the year 71 A.H. = After Hiroshima (2017):

I, was a BIG Trump supporter - I, have many communications from Donald J. Trump, personally and his TEAM/ Etc. - I have written him in good faith many times - now he ignores me and chooses to be reckless in my important live and death matters - he has actual notice received from me with issued presentments ! He has full and explicit Knowledge ! Now he broke many promises to me willful ! Willful he broke his promises to the American People - now he dropped bombs on Syria, and caused the death of many civilians - and now he dropped the BIGGEST (non nuclear but 11 Ton TNT) MOAB Bomb(s) on Afghanistan (to revenge the death of 1 US Soldier ?) and the (NAZI like) German Government are involved too ! As the new U.S. President, Commander-in-Chief and Main Responsible Human, he has no immunity and thus committed (among other) International Law Offenses, War Crimes, and Human-Rights-Law Crimes - NOW the MAIN MADNESS has began - now he ignited World War 3 which is but a continuation of WW2 - he is  making one mistake after another and is very misguided by his advisers etc. - There will be NO SURVIVORS ON PLANET EARTH in this final WAR - (there will be those who will be saved and/ or recreated by Elohim) - I, am one of the Ambassador-in good-will, for Maitreya Rael and Elohim, trying to save all People and the Planet - see video in my free E-BOOK !! He should have taken my advise ! Trump has now turned mad and against the People not only in America but the World - bloodshed will only lead to more bloodshed and death does no one honor !! Trump has chosen to ignore my ultimatum I, had sent him by actual notice received to his many e-mail accounts he had communicate to me  - he turn against me and my people - he has turned against the GOD he asked to bless him and the United States - (there is NO god who would ever bless any nation let alone any president who does such things and as done in the past - not to forget the Native American People and the Black People of that America, the dropping of the 1st. ATOMIC BOMB'S (helped by a captured German NAZI Scientist) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing thousands of innocent humans, and thus the United States today - this is an ABOMINATION to his own GOD ! (there is NO god - there is ONLY ELOHIM - see disclosure and 100% proof for the intelligent conscious minds in my active free E-BOOK- now I, STOP MY SUPPORT ! NOW I, TURN AGAINST Donald J. Trump/ any US President and her/ his Administration !! (he has one small chance to make it up !)  - until than my support is estopped !  

This is what some truly intelligent people said and do;

STRANGE X STREAKS IN THE SKY ? would you like to know some of the facts on (geo-engineering) Chemtrails ???  >>>

Chemtrails The facts

and Why ? would the Elite spray it  on themselves ? >>>

HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chem Trails, Smart Meters, HAARP, Reproducing in CANDIDA

Are these really SMART MEETER'S ?? being deployed Globally - or should they be STOPPED ??

... watch this short 2 min. Trailer >>>

Take Back Your Power - Official Trailer (2013)

if you like to see the full movie (multi-lingual) go to Josh del Sol's, official Website >>>


Is this for REAL ?? Listen very closely ! This is Global !!
Roxy Lopes,
interviews brave heroic angle Deborah Tavares >>>

Smart Meters: Building the Global Surveillance Grid *You're not ganna like this!*

You find brave "angel" Roxy Lopez, website here >>>

Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder/ CEO) and other Elite’s want You dead !!
Are you one of the 6 Billion People to be Killed ??


What are You/ We and Humanity really up against ? Science and Technology you use everyday, yet may have no idea about how far advanced it really is and even used against you to ill or kill !? Weapons, you can not really see, smell, touch, or hear ...


MUST WATCH ! do you have a cell/ smart/ i-phone ??? by the way; this is all over the US, UK, AUS, SA going Global -Germany is next !! ever heard of 5G Network ? i-cloud ? (also explained here) Bill Gates i-cloud, Technology will be able to see through your roof/ walls, spy's on you 24/7 365 and more... !! (as I, say its not the technology that is wrong, but the frequency and how it is used ... >>> 

October 2014 Do you have a CELL PHONE MUST SEE VIDEO Cancer many physical mental health problems


would you like to know (?) just a small extract from world renown expert Dr. Barrie Trower more... about it in a nutshell  


In much more very specific terms (in case you doubt Dr. Trower) would you like to check out the official NASA on Human War-fare documents ? >>>



Putting together some pieces of the puzzle...

(No Offense to Donald J. Trump, as he maybe be different in a long line of U.S Presidents, Etc., if you listen to his speeches and intentions) - but are All U.S. Presidents Related by Negative Blood Types; What are the Odds? 

check this out >>>

All U.S. Presidents Related by Negative Blood Types; What are the Odds?


Connecting the world famous, brilliant mind David Icke, hopefully you begin to see the BIGGER PICTURE NOW ??? (*However, I, find (and maybe you too (?), that even brilliant minds like David Icke, are yet missing very important peaces to the puzzle, that is to say; he (and others) should read the book; INTELLIGENT DESIGNS (and re-consider and re-figure) messages from the designers and their helping solutions I, have presented herein/ below ( non the less David, has my Thumbs-up for all his/ this brilliant Presentation's (*by I, Sir-E)

(bad sound first, but it get's improved)

David Icke The New World Order Endgame HD

>>> Now let's get to some real Good stuff <<<

amazing revolutionary discovery of "Fractals" Infinity in Space & Time >>>

Colors of Infinity - Arthur C. Clarke

... AND than the discovery of The; "Higgs Boson" particle is but one of an infinite number of ever smaller particles ... while the scientific community stirs with the announcement of discovering the so-called Higgs Boson particle with 99 percent certainty, Rael issued a statement today reminding scientists that finding one particle cannot be taken as the final explanation for the structure of the universe. “The Higgs Boson scientists are making the same mistake scientists made in the past when they discovered the 'atom,' which at the time meant 'that which cannot be made of something smaller,'" Rael said. "After a while, this Higgs Boson particle will be proven to be made of something smaller. And so on.... It will go on like that until scientists start to realize that the universe is infinite in both directions: infinitely small as well as infinitely large. Nothing can exist without being made of something smaller, and nothing can exist without also being part of something larger"......... >>>

Did You know (?) Planet  Earth has a real  Frequency = Schumann Resonance = 7.83 Hz  >>> 


 Each Human has it’s own unique frequency, just like your very own unique Fingerprint, Voice, iris, Aura, Bio-Energy-Field, *DNA (* = soul) 

Mind Science; WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS Documentary

Part1 - Discovery Documentary Channel !

However; remember !! many truth's are conveniently kept from most people and most things are done without your knowledge, or consent, even more so; your frequency bio-energy-field, is constantly bombarded and impaired by various modern devices (smart/ i-Phones, WiFi, wireless technology, dirty electricity, Cell Phone Tower's, microwave weapons, HAARP, Chemtrails, Satellite's and ton's more, which are all designed to work together against you and make us ill or slowly kill !! Get educated, before its to late... 

how these things change your Body, Mind & DNA (soul) ........ more facts ... can you handle the truth ??? >>>

HAARP - Chemtrails - How They are Change You - Bioengineering

>>> some Revolutionary good News <<<

... but be aware, the truth may be stranger than fiction (to some) !!

for example; if you find a Watch on a beach, it becomes obvious to an intelligent person (and even a primitive person) that such a watch, has a complex, precise, mechanism by design (and not some random chance, i.e. evolution theory), yet if the Watch (humanity) is not working properly, or is somewhat broken, what would you do (?) to try and fix it ? (i.e. go to Church or the Pope ?) or would you rather try and find a Watch Maker ?    

If you leave out and do not take in consideration and aim into sight > the Alien/ UFO/ Earth/ E.T. connection and facts; You are going to miss the entire Target ! My advice... give it your best shot (do diligence) ! and beyond the conclusion(s)... you may have some fundamental questions (or figured it out ?) ? and yet the Ultimate conclusion is yet to be announced ... as things are never quite the way they taught you/ humanity in history, or the way they seem !! But in my book its all good, (as i.e. in any classic movie) the good always wins at the end. (by I, Sir-E)

What is the Mystery of the Rh-O-Negative Blood Type ?  >>>

Mystery of the Rh O  Negative Blood Type ?

... check out this Presentation, filled with findings & facts by world famous Jim Marrs >>>

Jim Marrs - Our Occulted History


... and there are those who LOVE us and like to HELP since Humanity is now capable of relating to science and understanding >>>

Crop Circles Decoded

Authentic Revolutionary Message (?) from loving, wise, caring Extra Terrestrials, who wish to help us out of this megga mess ?!? But we have to do our active part (and can not simply sit back like in Church, waiting for i.e. God/ Allah), to fix things...

the truth of the matter is, if you do your research & do diligence, authentic crop circles (and Pyramids) are created by very advanced science and technology, we, as in humanity can not produce !!  They are living unique art, (no plant is killed, only bent and inter-woven with some sort of highly advanced electro-magnetic-energy) They started in the 1980's with simple shapes and now contain complex/ science/ formulas/ blue prints/ and even answers to top Scientist and Astronomers puzzling questions, some are as large as several football fields, yet precisely made all over the world in a matter of minutes >>

The Beautiful World of Crop Circles

disclaimer with disclosure;

*Be aware; that ALL negative, frightening, reports and creepy cases i.e. about Alien Abductions, or attacks, etc. by UFO’s, are fabricated and false !! There are well paid people and so called Agent’s, working undercover for specific Agency’s, to condition people, keep them in fear and propagandize, by various means (many of them we know also as Hollywood Block Buster Movies, heading up that department is Steven Spielberg, who’s most movies start out really interesting at first,(i.e Independence Day)  but after the first third, turns into total trash.... no offense to some of the brilliant Actor’s, but shame on Mr. Spielberg, he could do much better, and no doubt the Alien’s do not favor him for spreading such deception !!) *by I, Sir E.

OFFICIAL >>>>>>>

open your mind .... open your consciousness ....

IMPORTANT Worldwide UPDATE 04.04.2017

pertaining to the upcoming UNITED NATIONS VOTE in July 2017 ! BAN ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON PLANET EARTH - or else we are surely all doomed in 1-3 years or latest by 2025 !

short version: english with some german subtitles:

orig. version english and japanese, by Maitreya in Japan:

Maitreya Rael: Our Mission is to Save Everybody! 


If we do not ban all Atom Bombs and all Nuclear Weapons, we, as in Humanity, will surley all be doomed and cease to exist within the next 1-3 years ! Unless this is in your best interest ? I, suggest in good faith, you make your voice heard; vote & demand the Ban !  

GET INVOLVED NOW; International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons

Official United Nations website;


UPDATE News to "Independence Day" Why so much hate ?

Raelians have organized worldwide protests against the anti-ETs rhetoric displayed in the movie ‘Independence Day the Resurgence’ by Rolland Emmerich during which they kindly handled flyers to bring awareness that an Extra-terrestrial civilization is willing to peacefully meet with us, has been asking for it repeatedly for more than 40 years and only had mockery and denial in return.“The exact same communication as released 20 years ago when the first movie Independence Day was released would be accurate today since, unfortunately, the core issue hasn’t fundamentally changed” explains David Uzal, Raelian Guide, who launched the protest in New York City back then. “ read on ....  .... *CONCLUSION; (*stupid) Movies like Independence Day participate to a type of (*primitive) first level and obvious propaganda aimed, in one hand, to divert its own wrong doings on others, and in the other hand, to legitimate the predator attitude as being the natural one all over the Universe. But in fact the rule is the other way around: only the kind civilizations (based on love science and femininity) survive in the infinity of (the Universe) space!” - (*and as we know now by our own NASA/ ESA/ ETC. there are an infinite amount of Earth like Planets out there) !! (*added by I,) besides that it should be logical that any such advanced civilization, who's gigantic space ships can fly multiple times the speed of light and hover silently in the air would be a tick more advanced thus us stupid earthlings and thus could destroy us in a nano second - game and movie over ... but as said there is a natural law in the universe, that only those make it to the next level who overcome their self destruction mode we are currently in the final phase for 


see my other page;

will You do your due-diligence and consider these supporting facts & primary evidence ?? that so called UFO's and Flying Saucers have long been around on earth and are even in historic Paintings, Artifacts and Art around the World >>>

UFO'S in Art, Religion, Caves and Temples

(as far back 10,000 BC  .... and by the way who build the Egyptian Pyramids 12,500 years ago ?? we still do not have the technology to build them like this today with our science and technology... think ? about that.... )

Why ? are such clearly modern day objects on the ancient walls of the Pyramids ?? >>>


The truth is right in front of your eyes, as far back as 3000 BC actually 12,500 years old on the Walls of the Egyptian Pyramids, as a matter-of-fact !! Here is a Map of just some of the Pyramids on Planet Earth location (as there are more.... and also identical ones on Planet Mar's and other... !!!

WHO ? really build the PYRAMIDS of Egypt (as well as all over the world, even underwater in Japan) ?? The largest Pyramids only recently discovered in Europe Bosnia !) AND WHY ?? Let's just focus on the most famous and controversial Egyptian Pyramids, which if you draw logic conclusion can not even be build by us humans today, using all our science and technology. But according to History, they were build by People using Copper Tools, to cut the Blocks and trees to role these megga Ton Blocks across the desert, than stack 2 Million + Blocks on top of each other, by exact mathematical calculation and about 1 Block (which some of them weigh over 5 Tons) every 2 seconds and than miraculously line them up precisely astrologically with the Star Constellation; "ORION" where the top center of the Pyramid about 450 feet (ca. 150 meters) high, is only off a quarter of an Inch (ca. 11 mm) to the 13 Acre base center, not to mention all the super intelligent inside pathway's, chamber's and secret doorway's etc.!! (yeahhh right hahaha.... if you believe that, than you might as well keep believing Santa Claus is coming to town, down your Chimney on Christmas and the Easter Bunny lay's hard boiled colored chicken eggs in your back yard !!) find out some of the real reasons >>>     

The Mystery Resolved - Pyramids Of Giza Incredible!!!

The Giza Plateau in the year 10,450 BC ! This is a depiction of how the Sphinx and the three (3) Pyramids at Giza were perfectly aligned with Orion’s Belt, in the year 10,450 BC which is confirmed by many non bias, Researcher's and Scientist’s, independently, that the Pyramids of Egypt were actually built 12,500 years ago !!


Let's fast forward to today >>> here are more facts:

The Disclosure Project has over 500 highly credible government, military, and intelligence community Witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, (some even have witnessed and is on video, that they; E.T. made Nuclear-Missiles fired and other Weapons ineffective !!) and the cover-up that keeps this information secret ! However; there is a list of Governments who have now come forth and admit to UFO’S and Aliens being real ! You can find the list of countries, that have disclosed here; EDUCATING HUMANITY >>>

"World Famous" Dr. Carol Rosin’s, live Testimony at the disclosure conference (english with german subtitles) >>>

Disclosure Project Dr. Carol Rosin – German (subtitles)

OK its coming soon... get ready for the false flag and FAKED ALIEN INVASION/ ATTACKS and be aware the real Aliens/ E.T.'s, who can travel interstellar at multiple spead of light are all loving and wise and very beautiful, as they have overcome their own self destructive mode we are still in - their technology is about several thousdand years more advanced than ours in all aspects incl. health and eternal life etc. - and if they wanted to, they could destroy us and the entire earth in a Nano-second - so what is being played out and has been for decades is our own Secret/ Military/ Black-Ops/ Organisations to FAKE Alien invasion and attacks, that most have been mind controlled with over decades by fearful propaganda i.e. Hollywood movies such as the stupid movie; "INDEPENDENCE DAY", etc. (when in fact it be more like the orig. 1951 version of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (or the remake with Keanu Reeves 2008) see below a short 3 min clip...         

Alien Invasion 2017 False Flag Full Disclosure Nibiru News Pole Shift Update


final speech from the brilliant orig. 1951 movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and thus how primitive and arrogant our Governments leaders and the majority of the people are still today in our computer and space age >>>

Klaatu's Speech



We, as in Humanity, have reached the scientific and technological point of Creator's (god's/allah/ Elohim) at the time they created (about 25,000 years ago)... if you pay attention to the videos and facts, you can put together the dots... and the pieces of the puzzle and maybe begin see the BIGGER PICTURE !?! Check out the actual 100% living Proof !! Meet Dr. Craig Venter (born October 14, 1946) is an American biotechnologist, biochemist, geneticist, and entrepreneur. He is known for being one of the first to sequence the human genome and the first to transfect a cell with a synthetic genome......

Craig Venter (2007)

update; May 2016 "Elohimization" (in progress)
... meeting at Harvard  of more than 130 scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and government officials, from five continents, to discuss the topic of creating genomes from scratch ..... When Maitreya Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, introduced in 1973 the idea that every form of life on earth has been engineered by scientists who created these unique genomes from scratch, most of the scientists dismissed his claim as science fiction. 43 years later, scientists, business individuals and government officials agree to meet and debate about its feasibility, including for the creation of human genomes.

They are not debating about the possibility that our own genome has been engineered from scratch yet, but it should be on everyone’s mind. If we can envision to create a genome from scratch, it should be natural to think that our own genome could have been engineered as well. By whom would be the next question and the obvious answer will be: ‘ by advanced scientists’.

“Where would they come from?” is the next natural question….  continue .... >>>  

For example; let's re-discover some facts about the (beautiful) DRAGONFLY (design by intelligence ?)

There are over 5,000 different species of just Dragonfly’s established so far ! They are (mostly human harmless) Insects, (that eat other insects, such as Mosquitoes) and have 6 legs (but are bad on foot), have a thorax, a head and even abdomen. They come in all sort’s of shades and colors and are arguably absolutely Beautiful !! As far as the ART of FLYING, hardly anyone can match up !! They have 4 Wing’s, independently controlled by about 80 Muscles, which can move in all directions !! The Wing-beat is around 50-90 beats per second ! They can be at a stand-still in flight, for about 1 Minute - and accelerate from 0-50 Km/h (30 miles per hour) in less than 1 second - and reach 30x times the acceleration speed of Planet Earth, while being under approx. G-factor-10 (meaning 10x times the weight of the Dragonfly, presses on it’s own Body) and yet she does not break apart !! She can come to a full STOP and even fly Backwards !! They can see their pray from as far as 40 Meters (approx. 120 feet) away !! Their sensors can measure air-/ pressure/ resistance/ wind draft/ and their own speed, while their complex Vision system, containing about 30,000 single Eye’s, processing about 175 single frame Pictures within 1 second (and even have ultra violate vision, allowing them to see far beneath the Water’s surface) ! Thus would be equivalent to You (a human) Watching; 175 TV Channels in front of your face, at the same time - and registering each Channel, in your Brain within 1 second, all at the same time !! (How is that for evolution by random chance theory ?? Intelligently speaking, it’s simply impossible, as such can only exist by intelligent design, that additionally, as-a-matter-of-fact, to such super functions, includes; geo-/ purpose, beauty, style, self-sustainability, self-re-production, highly sophisticated intelligent-nano-computer-processor and even humor !!!) by I, (Sir-E)

This on the other hand is NOT a Mosquito nor a REAL Insect !! Who designed that ? check this out....

Have you ever wished you could be a Fly ? on the wall to Spy ? on what's going on or being said ?? How about being a  Mosquito instead ? No, this  isn't a real Mosquito ! It's a designed insect SPY DRONE for urban areas, already in production, (funded/ created by US Government/ Military ??) !! It is actually remotely controlled and is equipped with a state of the art Camera & Microphone !! It can land on you !! It even has the possibility to take your DNA sample or leave RFID tracking (nano-technology) device on your skin !! It can fly, (like most Mosquitos) through even a slightly open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you (unwittingly) take it into your home, etc !! It can then be guided (by remote control) i.e. to the top of a curtain or other good visible location, etc. where it can monitor entire rooms and SPY on You and everything being said or done !! Given their prosperity and variety of use to request macro-sized drones for surveillance one is left with little doubt that Government(s) have probably many big plans (already in ops) for these micro sized useful gadgets, etc, since *they ( Gov,/ illumnitaty/ Elite) are already deeply into your/ our privacy affairs and wish the ultimate total control by a 100% RFID micro chipped, hence totally remote controlled human society !! So when do you draw the line and say STOP enough is enough ?? (when it is to late ??) On the controversy such nano-technology could do humanity real good, among other; end almost all medical disease, i.e. by nano-surgery !! Programmed nano-ro-bot-s (which already exist) could be launched into the specific area inside your body and repair (like current open surgery) any medical issue a person has and than, the nano-bots exit, i.e. like everything else you drink or eat, etc.... (but in who’s hands/ control would you like to see this technology ?? The Military or GIANT Pharma/ Medical- Money-Motivated Industry (who mostly benefits from people in ongoing treatments) – or in the hands of wise caring Geniuses, for the true benefit of all humanity, in a world where work & money has become obsolete, thanx to good science, technology and a proven system called "Geniocracy" (see introduction below) ???  

We, as in Humanity are in BIG Trouble !

I,/ we, need your HELP !



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(and beyond...) <<<

Lets face it; we, as Humanity and the irreversible damages done to this Planet (which is not our's, as we are only entrusted keeper's) are in serious trouble and the biggest mess, that not even our most advanced scientists can fix this mess in time, (not even to mention the profit greedy CEO's/ Corporation's/ nor any of the World Government's/ Polititian's/ Elite/ Etc.) and we are on the edge of a WW 3, which no one can win, (death does no one honor) as it will lead to total Human extinction and may even complete Planetary destruction !! At this stage, our only intelligent solution is to ask for advanced help, from those, who have created and watched us from the very beginning, as a matter of fact they offer us in many ways to help if we finally wake up and understand... !! They (we call Extra Terrestrials/ Elohim) are in fact of this World !! They are about 25,000 year's more advanced than us; humans, in science, technology, spirituality, universe knowledge, etc., they are very wise, caring and loving (we are their children)  ... so why not ask them for help ?? Why not have the opportunity to ask them the many unanswered (or kept secret from us) Questions humans have, about the most fundamental questions about humanity, god, allah, life, science, real history, space travel, eternal life, infinity... !! (My suggestion read the Book; "INTELLIGENT DESIGN MESSAGE from the DESIGNERS" it will answer many of those Questions up-front) !!

Did you know(?) Since every Country/ Nation has an Embassy and Ambassador's, on this Earth, which are respected neutral Territories (nor invade others), why not build an Embassy for Extra Terrestrials ?? They have actually asked, Government Leaders for it, officially over 7 times but were arrogantly/ ignorantly refused (how intelligent are our Government leaders ??) !! They (E.T./ Elohim) are not Invaders nor Hostile or Aggressive !! (There is a Universe Law; those who overcome their own destructiveness and hence travel Interstellar throughout the Universe;(some faster than the speed of light) are only loving beings and obviously much more advanced and intelligent than us; humans, who face self destruction this very moment !! They will also interfere as little as possible, since we are still primitive and still Kill our own Species, thus not on their level of consciousness and love yet- but on the path... so they do help a little and have saved us from self destruction several times so far, as a matter-of-fact, as we are now capable with our Weapons, to destroy not only all of Humanity, but the entire Planet 1000 times fold at an instance !!) This is not a Hollywood movie, conditioning People like "Independence Day" situation !! Think ! If they were invaders or evil, etc. with their kind of technology they could wipe out humanity in a nano second !! In fact it is our Military, that has tried to shoot them down many times, but our weapons are ineffective against their technology !! It is us, humans, who are hostile against them (E.T.) !! We, must first apologize and also proof our self worthy of the many scientific and technological inheritance, they have offered us, in order to save humanity and the Planet (which is actually theirs, since they were here first) !! We, are only the keeper's, but it's no secret anymore we are doing a terrible job to keep it nice and clean, are responsible and on the edge of total destruction !!!!!!!

Think ! WHY NOT ASK FOR ADVANCED HELP NOW (from the Watch Makers) ? >>>

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Authentic (IRM) PRESS release (extract);

“The U.S. government and all other governments around the world know that an extraterrestrial civilization has been making itself known for a long time,” Turcotte explained. “By allowing so many of their UFOs and crop circles to be observed and documented by both the public and Earth’s military forces, these extraterrestrials have been preparing humanity gradually for open contact. It’s time to acknowledge that and build an embassy to welcome them here officially, on behalf of humanity.” ....Therefore; Representatives of the International Raelian Movement (IRM) have officially handed over to The White House and the United Nations Council of Foreign Affairs this week a project file for construction of an embassy that would welcome an extraterrestrial civilization back to Earth. Copies of the file have also been given to the U.S. State Department; to French, German and other European foreign ministers; and to many other government officials around the world .... read full PRESS release here;  

the Multi-Lingual Web site >>>

(one of the blue prints confirmed by actual many crop circles around the word !)

They are humbly Helping us; *nothing can be kept secret from them; (like it say's; "god/ allah/ etc. knows everything") ! Every human is being monitored, all thought's and action's, of every human on this Planet, since (conception) day one, are being recorded by the Elohim !! (we can relate now; as we, as in military and the NSA, etc. now almost have similar science to completely monitor and record every humans action, yet sadly used against us !) You and every Human being on this Planet will face their "Maker" on so called "Judgement day" ! It is near !

Message from YaHWeH to the Men of the Earth: The Apocalypse of the Final Nuclear Cataclysm (Book; INTELLIGENT DESIGN MESSAGE from the DESIGNERS, page 291/ Translated into almost every language on Planet Earth)

“I, Yahweh, through the words of my prophet Rael, address all the people of Earth: There is, unfortunately, but one chance in one hundred that your Humanity will not self-destroy, and every Raelian must act as if Mankind would be wise enough to understand and grab this tiny chance of escaping the final cataclysm, so as to enter the Golden Age. Better still, each *Raelian, by his work of awakening minds, contributes to strengthening this unique and minute chance of survival to prevent it from becoming even weaker”.........-... (Page 291) (**What is a Raelian ?? = a conscious human, who has read the Book, understanding the messages & philosophy, supporting Rael and the teachings given by the Elohim, since 1973 through their Messenger (prophet) “MAITREYA RAEL” as predicted by all the major religions in the world, (not only in the bible, which arguably has been changed by various ancient and modern day Organization’s/ Emperor’s/ King’s/ Head-of-Church, who actually changed several parts in the bible, in particular, at the Council of Nicea in ca. 325AD declaring all other God’s invalid, except one, but since the original Hebrew version, where the word God did not exist, only Elohim which is plural, and Eloha, means one of the Elohim; meaning "those who come from the sky"  like we can now fly... and travel in cosmic space...) Rael, who also arguably claims; he was taken by their Space Ship, onto the Planet of Elohim in 1975 and came back, with yet another amazing Message, also presented in the same book, previously Book Two; “ Extra Terrestrials Took me to their Planet“ (**by I, Sir-E)

WORLD ALERT "Elohimleaks” post’s the most recent information from the Elohim about what’s happening in Earth’s most secret government services ! The people governing this planet must know that the Elohim are watching us and that they know everything ! No “top secret” information or state secrets of any government can be hidden from them ! (*as you, the Government's with your Agencies; CIA NSA and all the rest of it, have the technology to monitor us humans, but mean us no good, you can relate, but the technology of Elohim, who mean us well, are technologically 25,000 year's more advanced - keep that in mind !!- *added by I, Sir E.)

Multi-Lingual Website >>>  

In case you came this far down the page... and now wish to dismiss most of the Alien/ UFO/ Earth/ E.T. facts, presented here (sadly) as a load of B.S. or fiction, etc. I’d say; what if it were all true ! (since everything I, present here; are either already ultimate fact's & primary evidence - or can be proven !!)

We, as in Humanity on Planet Earth have really come far, in terms of science, technology and universal understanding, etc., yet have reached a cross X road, one way surly leads to total destruction the other way to a self created Paradise on earth !! We are in the scientific and technological stage, were we can create everything (even food, medicine, human body parts, cloning, or change the molecular structure of any matter into the desired object, by nano technology and soon by machines that can literally turn water into wine, or dirt into gold, or a rock into a steak or a fried fish, etc.) Thus any need for money, work, and material things is already obsolete, since money is no longer real or backed by gold & silver (as by constitutional law) ! Did you know (?) all money is debt, but not all debt is money ! Money is actually a fiction and created either only with your Signature (mone(y)tising) and/or out of thin air, only by computer entry, or double book keeping entries, transferred by your very own signature, yet you have to pay back the debt at face value, even though you actually crated your very own money and thus prepaid all your funds, but the Bank(sters) tricked you into paying it back even with interest !! (If You and I, had access, like some of the Elite Bankers have to that system, we too, can type in and create any amount of $ / € in our own Account's !!) Our computers and robots can soon do all the work !! Humanity is on one hand super advanced and globally connected by science and devices etc. yet on the other so disconnected and in disharmony with itself, as never before, with it’s own science and technology enslaved instead of free !! (Some people are even still stuck in like the middle ages and religious dogma of i.e. a flat earth, we are alone in the entire universe, etc. yeahh right) ! Humanity needs to wake up NOW and be in Harmony and create better Balance, with it's own Science and Religion's, etc. since we have almost all the tools, the concept and the key's, to truly free humanity from modern day bondage, slavery, believe systems, etc....

Would you like to discover & learn (?) the real solutions for planetary wide most pressing problems (? and the key's to “Paradism” for a World without work or money (???) introducing Paradism >>>

   Solutions to Worldwide Problems; "Paradism"

Multi-Lingual Web site >>>

in similarity the brilliant 100 year old "Jacque Fresco's" vision's, philosophies & work's of a New World System, Thank You, (while I, may not agree to all terms as you leave out the Elohim, hence Alien/ UFO/ ET connection and their Message, etc.) but

HappY 100th Year Birthday to you genius "Jacque" (by I, Sir-E)

watch Jacque's brilliant work's "The Venus Project" >>> 

The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version

check out Jacque's web site here ...

and ultimately GENIOCRACY ! We have used and allowed all kinds of Ruler's & Government Systems - but never in Human History, we have let Geniuses guide, govern and benefiting all of Humanity, where the few geniuses use a proven system to serve all of humanity positively - instead of a few current rulers & leaders benefiting from all of humanity ! imagine what would happen if we create a paradigm shift ...

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(... *and she has her freedom !)

As  "Albert Einstein" (born in Ulm- Germany 1879-1955)

is not the only one who said;


We must change !

.... but we're never gonna Survive unless we get a little crazy >>>

Seal-Crazy lyrics

(but HEY, we, can ask for advanced Help, now !)

I, like to conclude with these Question’s;
Did you truly do your open mind, do diligence ?
What kind of World do You like to live in 1 - 3 Year's ?
What will you do ? leave behind ? and to your loved ones ?
Or are you OK with the NWO and to kiss your ass(ets) good bye ?

JOIN US; if you want to live in Planetary Peace, happYness, HarmonY, personal fulfillment, enlightenment and true LibertY
WHY NOT (?) whats keeping you from joining us now in the ultimate good global & human cause !?!

*I, find this the most appropriate movie to conclude (or begin) my FREE e-book Presentation; but we must do it without violence, change Soldiers into human Saviors, the current Legal system into a Human Justice system, replace the current Public (fool) School system with truthful (chemical) Education, transition from current predominantly aggressive, ignorant, separated human mentality into enlightened, higher conscious, loving connected humanity,   transition from Democracy into Geniocracy, change harmful frequency into healthy frequency for humanity, switch from harmful and polluting Power to FREE clean Energy, convert all systems, science & technology currently used against us, harming humanity, by; NSA/ Military/ Weapons/ Chemtrails/ Etc. into fully positively benefiting humanity - discharge and eliminate all debt, as we have prepaid and financed everything many way's - Transition from the modern day slavery system into individual fulfillment for all of humanity !! Replace the New World Order by New World Paradism !! This is our World (not only yours; Elite) !!


Thus; on this day; the 4th of July 2016 (*70 A.H.*) in this place; Planet Earth, I,/ we, the People, hereby *Proclaim and *Reclaim what is rightfully ours, as it was given to us by our Creator's; (Elohim) yet has been cleverly, systematically stolen from us, if you (Elite) back off now & surrender peacefully we will forgive you and share with you, but you have to respect us, our law's and our free will (or we Exile you !!) >>>>>>>>

A Message To Humanity!

*To Sign the Proclaim & *Reclaim* Legal-Act Document/ Instrument and obtain your valid, verified, document, for authentication you must email me in good faith and I, will send you the instruction along with said document !! However; it is thus Proclaimed and Reclaimed !!

*70 A.H.* means 70 years After Hiroshima, thus should be the actual new time count (Calendar) for all the people on Planet Earth, since it is not forcing any religion, yet was a horrifying & devastating Global event and the entering into the age of Nuclear energy - which as a reminder to everyone, can destroy our entire Planet at once - in a matter of seconds !!

*WHY RECLAIM* ? to understand the basic problematic and how perverted the entire planetary situation really is, please go to my page; LEGAL ACT .... and watch the video "Meet Your Strawman" (Deutsch; "Treffe deinen Strohmann") because as far as the Government and Legal system is concerned and has You set up; it assumes you are a Legal-Fiction (not a real, Natural Person, this is why YOUR NAME is always written in all CAPITAL LETTERS) they made you their working Capital (Sheep & Cattle) and a Corporation, a Slave and a fully liable trustee and on top of it, for them you are Dead (research the "Cestui Que Vie Act 1666") !!! This is why they keep creating any so called law's, /when in fact these are only legal codes to the Insurance Policy, since all (city, court, corporations and countries, etc.) are Incorporated and the Police only enforces the Insurance Policy and not the law- that's why they always talk about charging you + (like a Battery, from the brilliant original movie; "The Matrix" which has it symbolically decoded and dead on !! However, there are solutions and you are the only person who can declare your true Status; but you must do it legally and lawfully and by reserving your explicit rights, especially when you sign anything; (as all is contract law) otherwise you just wave all your rights and are treated like a (modern) Salve, who can not own anything ! This has been going on for a very, very, very, very long time.... its a mad, mad, mad, mad world WAKE UP ! It's up to us; you & me (and there are thousands of people around the world who discovered these frauds, we learned and exposed them (and more...) Thus has been perpetrated on humanity for centuries and it is time to set the record straight first and create a new world system, a true paradise, on our planet, according to our law's (not the elite's; new world order) and create Human Justice !! They (elite) have been laughing at us for a very long time all the way to their Bank(s) and back !! The more united We, the People, are, the faster we will finally win ! Thus Reclaim ! "Bob Marley" said it best;, I, also call upon you >>>

my favorite quote from; André Gide (born in Paris 22 Nov. 1869 – 19 Feb.1951 aged 81) was a French author and Nobel Prize winner in 1947 "for his comprehensive and artistically significant writings, in which human problems and conditions have been presented with a fearless love of truth and keen psychological insight"....   

*My greatest and deepest personal gratitude goes out to all these major, brave, heroic, people, featured here and many more as well as all who walked before us and tried so many times..... for all their efforts, energy and love.... and thanx to science, as without this, it would have not been possible, yet we must work together even better, to achieve our goals - and first save humanity and than the planet - or we will surly all soon be history and some of the advanced beings watching us in their space ships, will sadly say; “see this beautiful Planet down there.... there were people once on it, like us, but they blew themselves up... and are no more” !!

Hopefully you will have learned well now and it has become fully Evident to you (and your children) that the Pay-/ Masters/ illuminati/ Elite/ Corporations and their well paid (in Millions and Billions) Agents and Servants such as POLITICIANS (who do not serve you/ humanity, but only their pay-/ Masters) and their Arms (Military/ Agencies/ Etc.) have several serious Plans against you/ humanity, in full operation since decades... with the end Goal, basically to eliminate about 90-95 % of humanity !! As well as completely enslave humanity beforehand (now) and keep the rest of humanity in a sort of Zombi like state (we’re almost there) to be used for whatever....

I,/ We, the People
(the good guy’s) on the other hand, have presented here, the real Problems, solid Plans with real Solutions to create a Paradigm shift into Positive Planetary Progress and we have the science, technology, tools and enlightened, genius, leaders, guiding humanity, ready to serve our purpose, where every human on planet earth can prosper, live in peace, freedom, healthy, pursue liberty, happiness, harmony and fulfillment ....

So what’s it gonna be ? You should also make a decision fast, in the next few weeks
(now), while you still have a choice and a way, for time is running out on us ! We still have the time to STOP all of this and than RESET, but the way we like to create (with a little help) !!

*Thank you for reading & researching my FREE e-book, Presentation, I, hope it was truly informative, inspirational and hopefully moving to change your course/  take good action ! If you like to learn more ? have feedback, and/ or questions, etc. ? let me know.

*by I, (Sir-E.) ( Elohimist) creator/ web-master/ author/ editor-in-chief/ publisher;

any small donation(s) are largely appreciated !


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