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about I, Sir-Eric D. Wagner

I, actually hold a Title of small nobility, by the degree conferred; "Knight" & "Sir" !! I, was Knighted, on the 28th of December 1996 AD, by the Order, of a certain International Honorable Organization (not the Crown/ Queen of England) officially awarded & certified (Urkundlich), thus; valid internationally, conferred to me, by his vested, High Honorable Authority and by his Sword ! The same degree for "Knighthood" by this same Organization, was conferred to (thus my allies); Juan Carlos I (King of Spain), and Henry Kissinger (U.S. Diplomat), Daisaku Ikeda (President of Soka Gakkai International- the World's largest Buddhist Lay Organization), and other's ... !! 

I am real Knight and I fight for the Victory of Good (vs. evil) & Truth & Humans & Justice & Love ~ I, am the true General Guardian & General Executor.

My first Wife (1991-1999) was the former Model and MISS CEBU (Philippines) a very beautiful, tall Philippina-/Spanish-/American-/Mix Lady -

we lived in Australia - (our famous Uncle; Perry Libre, was a high Official in the UNITED NATIONS, NY) - it was through these honorable People, I, was endorced into Knighthood and am still grateful:  As a privilege of the members of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, the prefix "Sir" is attached to their forenames while wives of Knights add the prefix "Lady" to their first names. [16] These apply to both spoken and written forms of address. The Knights of Rizal is the sole order of knighthood in the Philippines and a constituted [17] Order of Merit recognized by the Orders, decorations, and medals of the Philippines. [18] The prefix is appended with the relevant post-nominal according to their rank at the end of their names: Knight of Rizal (KR), Knight Officer of Rizal (KOR), Knight Commander of Rizal (KCR), Knight Grand Officer of Rizal (KGOR) and Knight Grand Cross of Rizal (KGCR). Among the notable members of the Knights of Rizal include King Juan Carlos I of Spain who was conferred a Knight Grand Cross of Rizal on 11 February 1998.





Sir Eric D. Wagner - 2018


Please take notice; I, am not a so called Reichsbuerger, nor am I, involved with any so called Reichsbuergerbewegung, nor any Political Party !!

Bitte nehmen sie zur Kenntnis; das Ich, kein sogenannter Reichsbürger bin, Ich, bin auch nicht involviert mit irgendeiner sog. Reichsbürgerbewegung, noch irgendeiner Politischen Partei !

NOTICE; I, am bona fide American & German/EUROPEAN, my heart is in both places ! Both has very evil and very good ! We have to work together ! Ich, reserviere & deklariere somit u.a. explizit meine US/ Amerikanischen Rechte !! I, have Rights above Privileges !

ACHTUNG ! Ich, bin bona fide Deutscher/ EUROPÄER & Amerikaner; mein Herz ist in beiden Plätzen ! Beides hat sehr Gutes sowie sehr Böses ! Ich haben Rechte Über Privilegien !

NOTICE/WARNING: I, do not have a FACEBOOK or TWITTER or any other SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE/ACCOUNT – respectively; if you see one, it is not me and a FAKE – respectively; AN IMPERSONATING FRAUD – so please inform me in case you see one ! Thank you.

ACHTUNG/WARNUNG: Ich habe kein FACEBOOK oder TWITTER oder irgendeine andere SOCIAL MEDIA SEITE – bzw.; sollten Sie eine sehen dann bin ich das nicht und es ist FAKE – bzw.; ein PERSONEN- IMITIERENDER BETRUG – also bitte wenn Sie so etwas sehen, dann informieren Sie mich bitte ! Vielen Dank.    

I, am not a PUBLIC SOLICITOR/ ESQUIRE/ COUNSEL/ LAWYER/ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, (RECHTS-ANWALT) I, do not provide any Legal advice !! I, do not charge any Fee’s and I, do not earn any income or make a living of this !! I, am not a Member of the ABA (American Bar Association), nor the NLG (National Lawyers Guild), nor The City of London Law Society, nor UK Lawyer Associations, Bundes- RechtsanwaltsKammer (RAK) Verband Deutscher Anwaelte (VDA) Deutscher Anwalt Verein (DAV) or any other such Organization or Association !! I, am not a practicing (well paid) Public (liar) Lawyer, clothed with an official Office, Chancery or Chambers !!

I, sui juris, am a Private-Lawyer/Jurist/ General-Executor & General Guardian/ ATTORNEY-IN-FACT (Anwalt-in-der-Tat), as defined in International Black’s Law Dictionary 3rd, 4th & 7th Edition !!

I, may help in good faith, Private Individuals only, who have been done wrong !! I, may provide at my discretion; private Advise, Consulting and/ or private Advisory Counsel !! I, do not protect or defend delinquent or criminal people !! I, do not charge any Fee’s and/ or legal tender (so called money i.e. $ / *USD (*Federal Reserve Notes)/ € / *EUR / *GBP / *AUD / *CAD ("Reserve/ Central Bank" issued Cash/ Notes,, as a "Note" by its very legal definition is a promise to pay = "Debt") Etc. for my bona fide, help ! I, do not earn any income from any of such, of my activities !!

I, may accept lawful money (Gold and Silver Coin) as gift's and/ or donation(s) and/ or other-good-and-valuable-consideration and/ or private/ valuable (immaterial & material) exchange(s) !!

Thus; you may contact me in good faith, and your inquiry will be handled bona fide, private and confidential !!

I, am a Human and International Person & Authentic Gentleman, with said valid title of Knight & Sir !! I, am however, without prejudice, reserving all my Rights, to issue a Bill, make demands, assert & claim valid commercial and private indemnification, reimbursement and to recompense me, for any & all count of injury, pain, damage, sustained/ violation/ offense/ felony committed against me, my Private Property/ Trust/ Estate my living Body, my Spirit, my DNA (Soul) and the Government(s)/ State(s) invented/ created/ transferred/ owned; Cestui Que Vie Trust/ Estate; WAGNER ERIC DIETER / ERIC DIETER WAGNER  Estate/ Trust, of which I, am not the Trustee, but the entitled legal Beneficiary and appointed General-Executor/ Administrator of said Trust/Estate and as the Sovereign Person/ Chief-Political-Executive, exercising Sovereignty over my Territory, living Body & Domain, thus; entitled to enforce !!

PUBLIC NOTICE: I, Human, Principal/ chief, General Guardian & General Executor, am not a Legal Fiction ! I, am not an Artificial invented Person ! I, am not a Corporation ! I, am not a State ! I, am Sovereign, a living flesh & blood Natural Person, above all a authentic Human, Blood Type 0 Rh-Negative, no Slave, no Property of any State/ INC/ Etc, no Enemy of any State, no Terrorist, a Freeman & Lawful-man on the land ! I, am not a *missing/ *deceased Person, (*according to the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 which I, hereby rebut, thus collaps, I re-claimed my living body, I, am the living Beneficiary (General-Executor) of my Cestui Que Vie Trust/ Corporation/ Estate, I, am the Authorized Person entitled to enforce & execute, declarant-in-chief; I, am not the Trustee for the Cestui Que Vie Trust ! I, have discovered, that I, have a non living “STRAWMAN” juridical entity; JURIDICAL PERSON with (see courtesy info-video on my page LEGAL-ACT) LEGAL NAME; WAGNER ERIC DIETER / ERIC DIETER WAGNER, which are all these activities and Entities !! They were invented, created and transferred in Secret, at my live Birth/ Registration, without my knowledge, (which is constructive fraud; as it was never disclosed to me) without my assent and without my consent, by the Government/ Administration of the UNITED STATES (INC) & FEDERAL REPUBLIC of GERMANY (BRD GmbH) thus; I, (by BGB § 1) Principal, chief, the natural, living flesh & blood Person, own my body and am therefore only the Authorized Representative for my “STRAWMAN”, the Legal Fiction/ Artificial Person/ Corporation/ Estate, as the entitled Legal-Beneficiary, I, can Sign for them, they are my copyrighted Personal Property & Estate, and I, reserve all my Rights to waive decline or reject any & all Benefits and/ or full Trustee/ Liability, as I, am the appointed General-Executor for the Trust/ Estate and by the UCC (Globally valid; Uniform Commercial Code) § 1-308 (formerly UCC 1-207) the Common Law under the UCC § 1-103:6 which remains in force as the UCC is complementary to the Common Law and by COMMERCIAL-LAW-NOTICE UCC § 1-201:25

I, Principal/ chief vest; Sir, Eric D. Wagner and hereby reclaim and thus claimed; as vested International Person & Authentic Gentleman, a sovereign person and by authentication exercise sovereignty over my Estate/ State/ Domain; WAGNER- ERIC DIETER WAGNER and (International/ Intergovernmental Organization) !! I, Principal/ chief, vest the appointed, authorize & vested Sir, Eric D. Wagner, Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive & Ambassador-in-good-will, exercising full sovereign political & ambassadorial power’s, for said & known Estate/ Domain & State; as it fulfills all the International requirements of a SOVEREIGN STATE; 1. Nonphysical juridical entity with LEGAL NAME  2. Centralized Government 3. Sovereignty over a Geographic area 4. Permanent Population 5. Defined Territory 6. Capacity to enter into relations with other States, exists de facto & de jure by juridical entity; JURIDICAL PERSON with LEGAL NAME, sui juris, Age & Title & Personalities & Person’s, by DECLARATIVE (theory) Article 3 MONTEVIDEO CONVENTION 1933 (recognized or not by the United Nations, or other States, is irrelevant), as it exists and is hereby declared, as it states in Article 3 of the Montevideo Convention 1933 ”declares that Political Statehood is Independent of Recognition by other States. And the State is not prohibited from defending itself “ by & under full reservations of said Rights reserved, without prejudice and by fact-finding & declaratory-part-of-a-law ! Silence is Acquiescence !

Thus; PUBLIC NOTICE; LEGAL ACT/ act-in-the-law/ invocation/ authentication, is hereby duly served officially, by I, Sir Eric D. Wagner, the General-Executor/ Attorney-in-Fact/ Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive/ Ambassador-in-good-will, upon any & all PUBLIC SERVANTS/ JUDGES/ ADMINISTRATIONS/ AGENTS & GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS of any AGENCY/ STATE/ NATION/ COUNTRY/ CORPORATION/ ORGANIZATION/ and any & all INSTRUMENTALITIES, on any & all levels of LOCAL/ COUNTY/ PROVINCE/ STATE/ COUNTRY/ NATION/ ADMINISTRATION and GLOBALLY, to both; in their PUBLIC/ SECRET/ MILITARY General/ Admiralty/ AGENT/ COMMERCIAL CAPACITIES and Private Capacities, any & all Instrumentality’s !! 

NOTICE; any PERSON/ Person, who wishes to rebut, and by assertion; burden-of-proof-reversal, principle, must do so by International Law, within 21 day’s, in writing, in English language and only by Affidavit, under penalty of perjury, all other is inoperative, null & void/ or a deceit, duress, assault, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraud, trespass, criminal trespass, trespass-on-the-case, a tort, personal tort !! Silence is Acquiescence !


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Let me rephrase Jack Nicholson's famous movie statement;

 German/ Deutsch

ÖFFENTLICHE BEKANNTMACHUNG: Ich, Mensch, Prinzipal/ Chief, General Guardian & General Exekutor = General-Executor, bin keine LEGALE FIKTION ! Ich, bin keine Artifizielle erfundene Person ! Ich, bin keine KÖRPERSCHAFT = CORPORATION ! Ich, bin kein STAAT ! Über-allem bin Ich, bin ein Freier, Authentischer Mensch auf dem Land/ Boden, nicht verschollen auf hoher See ! Ich, habe meinen Körper zurückerobert, Ich, bin der lebende Begünstigter/ Beneficiary (General-Executor) für mein Cestui Que Vie Treuhand/ Konzern/ Trust/ Grundbesitz/ Vermögens-/ Erb-Masse/ Estate ! Ich, bin, Authorisiert & Ermächtigt zu Fordern/ Exekutieren/ Schulden Einzutreiben ! ACHTUNG; Ich, bin keine *vermißte/ verstorbene = 'missed/ *deceased Person *gemäß Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 welchen Ich, hiermit Widerlege & Kollabiere = rebut & collaps und mein Estate wiederbeanspruche und durch meinen lebenden Körper zurückerobert habe welches mein intellektuelles & privates Eigentum sind ! Ich, bin nicht der Treuhänder = I, am not the trustee für d. Cestui Que Vie Treuhand/ Trust !  Ich, habe entdeckt, das Ich, einen nicht lebenden “STROHMANN" juridical eintrag; JURIDICAL PERSON (siehe info-video auf meiner seite LEGAL-ACT) mit LEGALEN NAMEN; WAGNER- ERIC DIETER WAGNER, habe !! Alle diese Vorgänge und Einträge, welche Geheim und ohne mein Wissen, (also vorsätzlicher Betrug da mir dies niemals offen gelegt wurde = constructive fraud) ohne meine Einwilligung, ohne meine Zustimmung, bei meiner lebenden Geburt/ Registrierung, erfunden, kreiert und transferiert worden sind, von den Regierungen/ Verwaltungen der UNITED STATES (INC) & BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND (GmbH) !! Ich, (gemäß BGB § 1) Prinzipal/ Chief, die Natürliche, Lebende Fleisch & Blut Person, ein echter, wahrhaftiger Mensch, bin somit der Autorisierte Repräsentant, für meinen “STROHMANN", die Legale Fiktion/ Artifizielle Person/ Körperschaft/ Treuhand/ Trust/ Estate, als der beneficiary = Begünstigter/ Nutznießer/ Empfänger/ Anspruchs-/Berechtigter und Ich, kann für diese Unterschreiben, diese sind mein  Estate = Besitztum/ Grundbesitz/ Vermögens-/ Erb-Masse und Ich, bin der General-Executor über meinem Estate ! Ich, reserviere alle meine Rechte, to wave = abbedingen/ verzichten/ erlassen, oder durch Ablehnung, Zurückweisung, jede & alle benefits = Zuwendungen/ Nutzen und/ oder volle trustee Treuhand Verantwortung/ Haftpflicht und durch den UCC (Uniform Commercial Code = Global/ Allgemeines Kommerzielles Handelsrecht) UCC § 1-308 (vormals 1-207) den Common Law UCC § 1-103:6  welcher weiterhin in Kraft ist, da der UCC, complementary = Komplementär/ ergänzend, zum Common Law und durch COMMERCIAL-LAW-NOTICE UCC § 1-201:25 !!

Historische Information zum Cestui Que Vie (Acts) !

Sklaven ohne Ketten- cestui que vie- wir sind für tot erklärt  

Ich, Principal/ chief vest = durch erworbenes Recht/ Übertrage; Sir, Eric D. Wagner, und hiermit claim = deklariere, somit deckariert, als vested = Bevollmächtigter mit ureigenes Interesse, International Person & Authentic Gentleman, Souveräne Person und durch Authentifikation exercise = exerzieren/ ausüben Souveränität/ Eigenständigkeit/ Eigenstaatlichkeit über mein Estate/ Staat/ Domain.

Ich, Principal/ chief, bevollmächtige den bestimmten, autorisierten & bevollmächtigten Sir, Eric D. Wagner, Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive & Ambassador-in-good-will, zur ausübung seiner vollen souveränen Politischen & Ambassadorischen krafte, für die genannten Bekannte Estate/ Domain & Staat; da es alle Internationalen Voraussetzungen erfüllt, für einen SOUVERÄNEN STAAT 1. Nonphysical juridical entity = nicht Physische Gesetzlicher Eintrag with LEGAL NAME = mit LEGALEM NAMEN  2. Centralized Government = Zentral Regierung  3. Sovereignty over a Geographic area = Souveränität über eine Geographisches Bereich/ Raum  4. Permanent Population = Beständige/ Dauerhafte Population  5. Defined Territory = Definierter Geltungsbereich   6. Capacity to enter into relations with other States = Kapazität in beziehungen mit anderen Staaten eingehen, existiert de facto & de jure durch juridical entity = Gesetzlicher Eintrag; JURIDICAL PERSON mit LEGALEM NAMEN,  sui juris, Alter & Titel & Persönlichkeiten & Personen durch DECLARATIVE (theory) Artikle 3 MONTEVIDEO CONVENTION 1933 (annerkannt oder nicht von United Nations, oder anderen Staaten ist irrelevant), den es existiert und hiermit deklariert, da es besagt ist; in Artikel 3 der Montevideo Convention 1933 ”declares that Political Statehood is Independent of Recognition by other States. And the State is not prohibited from defending itself “ = deklariert, das Politische Eigen-/Statlichkeit unabhängig von Anerkennung von anderen Staaten ist. UND der Staat ist nicht Untersagt sich selbst zu Verteidigen und durch volle Reservierung von allen hier genannten vorbehaltende Rechte, without prejudice = ohne Nachteil/ unbeschadet anderer Vorschriften und durch fact-finding = zusammengetragene FAKTEN & declaratory-part-of-a-law = deklarierte Gesetze & Rechte !! Silence is Acquiescence !

Somit; ÖFFENTLICHE BEKANNTMACHUNG; LEGAL ACT/ act-in-the-law/ Rechtsakt/ invocation/ authentication, sind hierdurch Ich, Sir Eric D. Wagner, General-Executor/ Attorney-in-Fact/ Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive/ Ambassador-in-good-will, Offizielle Bekanntgegeben, an jeden & alle PUBLIC SERVANTS/ RICHTER/ VERWALTUNGEN/ AGENTEN & GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS = ÖFFENTLICHE REGIERUNGS-/ BEDIENSTETE/ (BEAMTE) von jeder & allen AGENTUREN/ STAATEN/ NATIONEN/ KÖRPERSCHAFTEN/ ORGANIZATIONEN/ VERWALTUNGEN und jede & alle INSTRUMENTALITÄTEN auf jeder & allen Gebieten der LOCALEN/ GEMEINDE/ BEZIRK/ LANDKREIS/ PROVINZ/ STAAT/ LAND/ NATION und GLOBAL in beider Ihrer ÖFENTLICHEN/ PUBLIC/ GEHEIMEN/ MILITÄR General/ Admiral/ AGENT/ KOMMERZIELLEN KAPAZITÄT und Ihrer Privaten Kapazität bzw. jede & alle Instrumentalität !!

NOTICE; jede Person die dies Widerlegen (rebut) will, und Geltendmachung; Beweislastumkehr (u.a. BGB § 363, 476, 2336(3)) muß dies Schriftlich, in englischer Sprache, durch Affidavit, nach Internationalem Recht & Gesetz, innerhalb 21 Tage, durch verifizierung; Authentifikation & Authentifizierung, unter Strafe des Meineids tun- alles andere ist unwirksam, null & nichtig/ oder u.a. Betrügerisch, arglistige Täuschung mit Drohung, Unerlaubte Handlung, Unrecht, Straftat = deceit, duress, assault, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraud, trespass, criminal trespass, trespass-on-the-case, a tort, personal tort !! Silence is Acquiescence !


 Jetzt haben Sie Kenntnis und Wissen = now you have the knowledge ! Anders und/ oder weiteres nicht ausgeschlossen  = further and/ or other not excluded !!

Silence is Acquiescence !!

by I, (Sir-E.), (Elohimist) creator, web-master/ author/ editor-in-chief/ publisher;

Respectfully bona fide by I, (Sir- Eric D. Wagner), unique living flesh & blood Human, sui juris, lawful man on the land, habeas corpus my reclaimed unique DNA & Human Body and my Brain, Mind, Spirit are my Private & Intellectual Property and under Copyrights: Private-Lawyer/ JURIST/ General Guardian & General-Executor/ Attorney-in-Fact/ Humanitarian/ Philosophy & Law Scientist/ Etymologist/ International Person & Authentic Gentleman/ Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive/ Founder & President/ Ambassador-in-good-will, by natural right/ regress/ without prejudice, all Rights reserved Worldwide & in Space, with Copyrights UCC §§ 1-308 / 1-103:6/ 1-201:25 / BGB §§ 1/ 7/ 305b since 1965 / HAGUE REGULATIONS / HLKO / ECHR / ICCPR / International-Human-Rights-Law / UDHR / Human Justice / Creator's (god's) Elohim Law ~ Natural Law ~ Universal Law ~ unbegrenzte Rechte ~ unlimited Rights !