Sir - Eric D Wagner - Private - Lawyer


Help/ Services & Fee's

Sorry, I, do not cater COMMERCIALLY nor provide

COMMERCIAL services of any kind to anyone !!

I, am not for Hire !!


I, may help in good faith, Private Individuals only, who have been done wrong !!

I, may provide at my discretion; private Consulting and/or Private Advise/ Advisory Counsel !!

I, do not protect or defend true delinquent or criminal people - however I, may help those who seek a so called fair trial & justice, wish for the right to be heard in a so called Court by "locus standi" and for the truth to go on the record, and other............. and/or to get out from under these monstrous deceptions & frauds, that are being perpetrated by "them" on You & us good People & Humans !!

I, do not charge any Fee’s and/or legal tender (so called money i.e. $ / *USD (*Federal Reserve Notes)/ € / *EUR / *GBP / *AUD / *CAD ("Reserve/ Central Bank" issued Cash/ Notes,, as a "Note" by its very legal definition is a promise to pay = "Debt") Etc. for my bona fide, help ! I, do not earn any income from any of such activities !!

I, may accept lawful money (Gold and Silver Coin) as gift's and/or gift(s) and/ or other-good-and-valuable-consideration and/or private/ valuable (immaterial & material) exchange(s) !!

Thus; you may contact me in good faith, and your inquiry will be handled bona fide, private & confidential !!


I, am not a PUBLIC SOLICITOR/ ESQUIRE/ COUNSEL/ LAWYER/ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, I, do not provide any Legal advice !! I, do not charge any Fee’s and I, do not earn any income or make a living of this !! I, am not a Member of the ABA (American Bar Association), nor the NLG (National Lawyers Guild), nor The City of London Law Society, nor UK Lawyer Associations, Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer (RAK) Verband Deutscher Anwaelte (VDA) Deutscher Anwalt Verein (DAV) or any other such Organization or Association !! I, am not a practicing (well paid) Public (liar) Lawyer, clothed with an official (fancy) Office, Chancery or Chambers !!

I, sui juris, am a Private Lawyer/ jurist/ appointed GENERAL GUARDIAN & GENERAL-EXECUTOR and upon special request and by vested power-of-attorney; ATTORNEY-IN-FACT, as defined in Black’s Law Dictionary 3rd, 4th & 7th Edition !!

I, may provide, discretionary, at my choosing; Private Services, to private individuals, such as to Natural living Person(s) and People(s) and for the Service to Humanity regardless of color, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. without demanding or charging Commercial/ Fees/ *Fictitious Money; *US $ Dollar (Federal Reserve Notes) / € EUR) Etc. !!

I, am a Human and International Person & Authentic Gentleman, with said valid title of Sir & Knight !! I, am however, without prejudice, reserving all my Rights, to issue a Bill, make demands, assert & claim valid commercial and private indemnification, reimbursement and to recompense me, for any & all count of injury, pain, damage, sustained/ violation/ offense/ felony committed against me, my Private Property/ Trust/ Estate my re-claimed living Body, my Spirit, my DNA (Soul) and the Government(s)/ State(s) created/ transferred/ owned; Cestui Que Vie Trust/ Estate;  WAGNER ERIC DIETER / ERIC DIETER WAGNER  Estate/ Trust, of which I, am not the Trustee, but the entitled living Beneficiary/ appointed General-Executor/ Administrator of said Trust/ Estate and  as the Sovereign Person/ Chief-Political-Executive, exercising Sovereignty over my Territory, living Body & Domain, thus; entitled to enforce !!

Jetzt haben Sie Kenntnis und Wissen = now you have the knowledge ! Anders und/ oder weiteres nicht ausgeschlossen  = further and/ or other not excluded !!

Silence is Acquiescence !!

by I, (Sir-E.), creator/ web-master/ author/ editor-in-chief/ publisher

Respectfully bona fide by I, (Sir- Eric D. Wagner), unique living flesh & blood Human, sui juris, lawful man on the land, habeas corpus my reclaimed unique DNA & Human Body and my Brain, Mind, Spirit are my Private & Intellectual Property and under Copyrights: Private-Lawyer/ JURIST/ General Guardian & General Executor/ Attorney-in-Fact/ Humanitarian/ Philosophy & Law Scientist/ Etymologist/ International Person & Authentic Gentleman/ Head-of-State/ Chief-Political-Executive/ Founder & President/ Ambassador-in-good-will, by natural right/ regress/ without prejudice, all Rights reserved Worldwide & in Space, with Copyrights UCC §§ 1-308 / 1-103:6/ 1-201:25 / BGB §§ 1/ 7/ 305b since 1965 / HAGUE REGULATIONS / HLKO / ECHR / ICCPR / International-Human-Rights-Law / UDHR / Human Justice / Creator's (god's) Elohim Law ~ Natural Law ~ Universal Law ~ unbegrenzte Rechte ~ unlimited Rights !