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Ambassador-in-good-will/ Message and Request to all official Ambassadors Queens Kings Head-of-State Presidents on this Planet Earth and the United Nations

by this act-in-the-law:


I, Sir Eric D. Wagner, sui juris, and by natural right, vested Ambassador-in-good-will, (Elohimist) and in good faith, from my Embassy Mission Office, for the officially appointed Ambassador on Planet Earth; (Rael) "Maitreya Rael"  by Elohim, and for the Elohim Embassy, (as well as Ambassador-in-good-will; see my presentation; my active FREE e-book/ Revolutionary Education/ HUMANITY & PLANETARY SURVIVAL SOLUTIONS/ WE PROCLAIM & RECLAIM

>>> Official Message with Request(s) to all Ambassadors Queens, Kings, Head-of-State, Presidents, on this Planet Earth and the United Nations: 

I, too, sui juris, by this Legal Act and act-in-the-law, and by natural right, and by the powers vested in me, hereby ask you in good faith, if you are an Ambassador of a Nation (any Nation or so called State/ Country/ Government/ Administration/ a Queen, King, Head-of-State, President, to do your urgent due-diligence  (i.e. my active FREE e-book....) thus to grant MAITREYA Rael and us Elohimist's/ Raelian's/ The International Raelian Movement = IRM full legal & lawful rights, title, valid permission and sovereignty, thus by Natural Law & International Law, to let us, build such an EMBASSY as explicitly requested hereby; to try and save Humanity and Planet Earth; as chances are, at this stage, ca. 0.5% for human and planetary survival- meaning; otherwise 99.5% total human self destruction within the next few years (2016 - 2017) !!

Did you know (?) Since every Country/ Nation has an Embassy and Ambassador's, on this Earth, which are respected neutral Territories (nor invade others), why not build an Embassy for advanced peaceful loving Extra Terrestrials ?? They mean us no harm, in fact love us and have actually asked, Government Leaders for said, officially over 7 times but were arrogantly/ ignorantly refused (how intelligent are our Government leaders ??)

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Officially appointed Ambassador; (Rael) "Maitreya Rael" for Planet Earth, by Elohim/ the Elohim Embassy; Book "INTELLIGENT DESIGN MESSAGE from the DESIGNERS" Page 94, 172-173, 176, 222-223 (over 2 million copies sold worldwide, and translated into almost all languages, see link below to get the book/ or download free e-Book !)

(one of the blue prints confirmed by actual many authentic crop circles !)  

the Multi-Lingual Web site >>>

Maitreya Rael

“The U.S. government and all other governments around the world know that an extraterrestrial civilization has been making itself known for a long time,” Turcotte explained. “By allowing so many of their UFOs and crop circles to be observed and documented by both the public and Earth’s military forces, these extraterrestrials have been preparing humanity gradually for open contact. It’s time to acknowledge that and build an embassy to welcome them here officially, on behalf of humanity.” ....Therefore; Representatives of the International Raelian Movement (IRM) have officially handed over to The White House and the United Nations Council of Foreign Affairs this week a project file for construction of an embassy that would welcome an extraterrestrial civilization back to Earth. Copies of the file have also been given to the U.S. State Department; to French, German and other European foreign ministers; and to many other government officials around the world .... read full PRESS release here;

IMPORTANT Worldwide UPDATE 07.07.2017

I, have personally Petitioned the United States and the Federal German Government, on June 22nd 2017, by writing with proof of service, to both Presidents & Vice Presidents (Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, Joachim Gauk, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Angela Merkel, and other Leading Politicians and the U.S.  Ambassadors) and petitioned them bona fide to vote YES to BAN all NUCLEAR WEAPONS

IMPORTANT Worldwide UPDATE 04.04.2017
I, re-consider and support any President of the United States/ any Government/ any Nation, PENDING ON; the upcomming UNITED NATIONS VOTE in July 2017 which must be to BAN ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS on Planet Earth- or else we are surely all doomed !

I support   what do you support ?

 I, say, we must start now to undo this mess of decades of lying deceit and frauds, etc. perpetrated on humanity and the people, or humanity will not survive the next decade, this includes you, your children and the so called elite and those who serve the paymasters ! We must effectively teach the people the truth create and manage a better system. We must establish true Justice with real courts of law and new laws for humanity. Our current justice system is totally corrupt as it is based on money, commerce, profit and hidden agendas. While in re-organization, we can divert the funds currently being used for military and war to feed, cloth, shelter, educate and heal the most devastated children and people and in fact all the children and people that need help on this planet. The funds spend on military and war is so astronomical and yet it is a waste as it will only lead us into self destruction and death, and death does no one honor. Such as system we currently have is mentally ill and on a suicide mission !! We have reached the time and the means by science & technology and the help of our creators to fix the mess and create a true paradise on this planet, have freedom and fulfillment for all people and to leap into the next level for humanity and apply (if invited) for intergalactic membership among many other much more advanced human life forms, that have overcome the same scenario ! We have now such advanced Robots and “A.I.”/ artificial intelligence, even in human form, that could do all the work humans do, if we program them right. We have the means to produce good food in abundance and true medicine, to heal everybody ! The need for money does not exist anymore and should be abolished as it only constitutes slavery ! The science & technology (and the kept secret from us) is currently mostly set up to harm and exploit the people, yet we must find a peaceful intelligent way to turn that around and achieve a paradigm shift that benefits all the people on this planet, or we shall surely cease to exist and do not deserve otherwise, which includes the so called elite and your network of deep underground luxury bunkers and cities and ultra high speed secret vacuum train systems will not sustain you for long, nor as the case may be your offshore respectively off-earth place(s), because universe law will not allow it, nor will any advanced civilization tolerate it: Be Aware you are being watched and recorded 24/7 from birth till death by super advanced computers surrounding the earth (we can related a little now as our surveillance is beginning to be sophisticated but a threat not a benefit to humanity and it is done without our knowledge and without consent) and you will be “judged”; rewarded or punished. STOP now if you are controlling or supporting such evil or inhumane conduct, WAKE UP and MAKE UP for it to humanity “one-by-one-human” as by universal principal “one is more important than the many” or consequently may face a virtual hell for eternity or re-creation to be tried in a true court of law, universe court, which knows everything you ever did (no lawyers or judges needed to twist the truth or make a deal. etc.). I, SAY JOIN US the “good people” of the earth and help us achieve the next level peacefully, quickly, intelligently without delay or deceit and you shall be rewarded. You still have a choice, act now before it’s to late ! We are the last Generation and yet can be the first in a new era and self sustaining paradise for all the People on Planet Earth. What is your Plan ? Who do you Serve ? For what Purpose ? We have a Plan, that will work to benefit all of humanity and it includes true Consciousness, Science, Peace, and most of all Freedom, Truth, Intelligence and LoVe !

Respectfully by I, Sir Eric D. Wagner, sui juris

Just one of many examples - still we are the masters and can program robots or "A.I. Humanoids", to actually serve us, (not as now being set up to control and police us, as clearly such "AI Humanoid Robots have far better features than humans soon as well as more strength and do not have any fear, inter alia ideally for military etc.) this is only the beginning and still in its Infancy i.e remember the first computers or cell phones ? Soon we have cell phones you wear on your wrist that will load holograms and so on... there is no limit since we understand science now and are near singularity: the issue is who controls it and for what purpose ? our current path is suicidal total self destruction on earth, but we can still change....

We interviewed the AI robot that's now a citizen of Saudi Arabia

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IMPORTANT Worldwide UPDATE 04.04.2017

pertaining to the upcoming UNITED NATIONS VOTE in July 2017 ! BAN ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON PLANET EARTH - or else we are surely all doomed in 1-3 years or latest by 2025 !

short version: english with some german subtitles:

orig. version english and japanese, by Maitreya in Japan:

Maitreya Rael: Our Mission is to Save Everybody!  



If we do not ban all Atom Bombs and all Nuclear Weapons, we, as in Humanity, will surely all be doomed and cease to exist within the next 1-3 years ! Unless this is in your best interest ? I, suggest in good faith, you make your voice heard; vote & demand the Ban !  

UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons

Official United Nations website;



you are conscious and responsible for your actions - even if ordered !


Quote from Rael

now you have the knowledge !

further and/ or other not excluded !!

Silence is Acquiescence !!

by I, (Sir-E.) (Elohimist) creator/ web-master/ author/ editor-in-chief/ publisher;


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