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was geht wirklich ab in der BRD/


Ihr/ Du solltest dir unbedingt dieses VIDEO von Anfang bis Ende ansehen, so schnell wie möglich !! Hier wird auf deutsch (mit Trockenem Humor) KLARTEXT geredet: über die Aktuelle Weltlage von einem sehr Brillanten, Geistreichen Experten/ Menschen (dieses interview ist nur einige Wochen vor der US Präsidenten Wahl)!

KGK = Klarer Geht’s Kaum ! Vielleicht verstehst Du/ Ihr dann ?? >>>

Christoph R. Hörstel zur aktuellen Weltlage -  Der 3. Weltkrieg hat begonnen - WACHT AUF


Hier gehts gleich weiter mit vielen Fakten und hohen Politiker Aussagen u.a. zur Souveränität Deutschalnds und wer ? oder was ? die BRD wirklich ist ? sowie die Lösungen der eigentlichen Probleme - aber dazu braucht man informierte aufgewachte Menschen und keine Politiker oder Geschäftsführer einer GmbH (13 min.) >>>

Richter bestätigt BRD GmbH Anwendung von Nazi Recht  

>>> Sehr Relevant >>>

Hast du das Gewusst ??? Testimonial/ Zeugniss von Welt Berühmter Dr. Carol Rosin, auf der DISCLOSURE KONFERENZ (english mit DEUTSCHEN Untertieteln) u.a. über das was Dr. Wernher von Braun  Deutscher (US) Raketeningenieur, Vater der Raumfahrt, uns 1974 schon Warnte >>>

Disclosure Project Dr. Carol Rosin - German

Zu Ehren des leider sehr früh Verstorbenen & Sympatischem Mensch Andreas Clauss und seine Brilliante & Charmante Aufklärungs Art & Weise ... mit diesen FAKTEN sollte man sich mal befassen und wahrhaftig Bilden = REALITY CHECK >>>  

Wer oder was ist die BRD? Andreas Clauss (compact live November 2012)

UPDATE: 14th April in the year 71 A.H. = After Hiroshima (2017):

I, was a BIG Trump supporter - I have many communications from Donald J. Trump personally and his TEAM/ Etc. - I have written him in good faith many times - now he ignores me and chooses to be reckless in my important live and death matters - he has actual notice received from me with issued presentments ! He has full and explicit Knowledge ! Now he broke many promises to me willful ! Willful he broke his promises to the American People - now he dropped bombs on Syria, and caused the death of many civilians - and now he dropped the BIGGEST (non nuclear but 11 Ton TNT) MOAB Bomb(s) on Afghanistan (to revenge the death of 1 US Soldier ?) and the (NAZI like) German Government are involved too ! As the new U.S. President, Commander-in-Chief and Main Responsible Human, he has has no immunity and thus committed (among other) International Law Offenses, War Crimes, and Human-Rights-Law Crimes - NOW the MAIN MADNESS has began - now he ignited World War 3 which is but a continuation of WW2 - he is  making one mistake after another and is very misguided by his advisers etc. - There will be NO SURVIVORS ON PLANET EARTH in this final WAR - (there will be those who will be saved and/or recreated by elohim) - I am one of the Ambassador-in good-will, for Maitreya Rael and Elohim, trying to save all People and the Planet - see video in my free E-BOOK !! He should have taken my advise ! Trump has now turned mad and against the People not only in America but the World - bloodshed will only lead to more bloodshed and death !! Trump has chosen to ignore my ultimatum I, had sent him by actual notice received to his many e-mail accounts he had communicate to me  - he turn against me and my people - he has turned against the GOD he asked to bless him and the United States - (there is NO god who would ever bless any nation let alone any president who does such things and as done in the past - not to forget the Native American People and the Black People of that America and the United States - this is an ABOMINATION to his own GOD ! (there is NO god - there is only ELOHIM - see disclosure and 100% proof for the intelligent conscious minds in my active free E-BOOK- now I, STOP MY SUPPORT ! NOW I, TURN AGAINST Donald J. Trump/ any US President and her/ his Administration !! (he has one small chance to make it up !)  - until than my support is stopped !   


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